Pastor Dan Labieniec and Family

Thank you for your interest in West Hills Baptist Church.  We are a church with a rich and wonderful history.  I have had the pleasure to serve this diverse assembly since June of 2010. 

I want you to know that I’m deeply humbled by that privilege and do not take the responsibility of shepherding God’s flock lightly.  The passion of my heart is that the Lord Jesus will be glorified in the building of His church. 

With that in mind it is my joy each week to proclaim the life-transforming power of God’s Word through a verse-by-verse exposition of the sacred text, thus allowing God to reveal His beauty to us through  its pages.  It is because of the ongoing influence of His Word that our love for the Savior and each other continues to grow. 

I am thrilled with the work which God has called me to and look forward to the future with great anticipation.  My prayer is that the Lord Jesus will continue to add to His church those who have the same passion to know Him, the same zeal to serve Him, and the same desire to be like Him.  If that’s you, then I invite you to come visit us and see for yourself what God is doing here at WHBC.

Sincerely yours,

Pastor Dan Labieniec
Associate Pastor Evan Charles and Family
Pastor Even Charles has joined West Hills Baptist Church on January 2021. He has graduated from Bob Jones University, SC, and most recently also completed his MDiv. Previously, he served as a youth pastor at Bible Baptist Church, NC.
Evan Charles is thankful for the grace of God that has been evident throughout his life and desires to help others see and experience the grace of God in theirs also. He believes that Jesus Christ has the answers to man’s deepest needs and that those answers are revealed to us in the Bible. So it may come as no surprise that Evan loves to study, teach, and preach the Bible.
Even and Jamie got married in 2015. God has now blessed them with 2 beautiful children, Landon and Blair.